Everything in my life is and will always be of truth. I’ve done my bad in the past because that is what the industry does to you. The most important thing that has never changed is my faith in God.

Let me tell you this right now. You will fail, accept it and embrace that failure. I’ve learned so much from my setbacks. If it wasn’t for my abrupt exit, I believe that this site wouldn’t exist, Gatekeepers Agency wouldn’t exist and the good person that I am today wouldn’t exist. I’m asking you to click the link below and clear your mind. Lets get motivated, my shirt says it all.

Motivational Video


Mental Strength /


These two elements determine your life results. I can be transparent with you. I lack discipline with fitness, not because I can’t do it. Because I’m not fed up with my current state. The thing about mental strength is that it takes time to develop. You’ll have to commit and discipline the mind in order to make the decision that you’re fed up with where you are.

You can have a lot of money and that’s fine but you should never be content. If that’s the case for you then I say try changing other peoples lives. Let’s make this effort right now. I have a book to release so I’m fed up with my current fitness state. Watch my journey below and follow.