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Find Out How Darius Bradley is Trailblazing a Lane That Has Never Been Done Before!

Darius Bradley is the CEO/Founder of Gatekeepers Agency which is an Atlanta-based recruiting agency. With his passion and desire to help others, Bradley created Gatekeepers Agency in hopes of inspiring those begin their careers. Sheen sat down with Bradley to find out just who Darius Bradley is and get the scoop on all the industry has taught him.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the music industry?

My name is Darius Bradley, I’m originally from Indiana. I started in the music industry in 2009. I was attending college on a tennis scholarship and once the second year came, I decided to pass on the offer to start my career in the music industry. In 2009, I began interning at Hot97 and I haven’t looked back since.


8 Tips from a Personal Assistant that Will Improve Your Life

If “difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week,” who keeps the gate to that success model? Someone who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge and controls all access, which is also known as a gatekeeper.

Being a gatekeeper is not a position one should take lightly. After all, the gatekeeper controls all access. In the business world, the gatekeeper is usually the executive’s lowly assistant or secretary. The individual who guards the gate against the unknown, answers phones, fetches coffee and dry cleaning, and protects the “boss” from all people and things deemed a non-priority. In your personal life, the gatekeeper is you.


This Celebrity Assistant Speaks on The Importance of Building Good Relationships in Your Industry

Darius Bradley is the founder and C.E.O. of GatekeepersAgency. GK-Agency is an Atlanta based assistant agency (staffing and recruiting) that provides personal, executive, and production assistants.

Darius shared with me an assistant story while he was working with his client Rotimi.

“In 2012 while working with my client Rotimi. Rotimi had a last minute photo shoot promoted by his publicist in LA during his meetings. He was to be out there for 2 weeks. It was during this year that we were currently seeking more TV/film opportunities with the success of “Boss” on Starz. With it being such a last minute thing (as the industry is typically like), I had to pull together a list of photographers in LA. The good thing here is that I had a strong relationship with celebrity photographer Kawai Matthews of www.Airphilosophy.com, and she did the photo shoot.”


Darius Bradley Endorses the Become a Threat Movement

Darius Bradley (@IAMDarius6), founder, and C.E.O. of Gatekeepers Agency (@GatekeepersAgency) is making moves with Justin Alexander Hill and his Becoming a Threat Movement. Gatekeepers Agency is an Atlanta based (staffing & recruiting) assistant agency that provides personal, executive, and production assistants. Darius Bradley is the former celebrity assistant and road manager to “Power” actor and singer Rotimi. After years of dedication to his client, Darius decided to go to Atlanta to help others with their dreams.

The Becoming a Threat Movement is challenging the negative implications of the word “threat” and plans to replace it with a positive idea of what it means to be a threat to society. The goals of the movement are described clearly on its website. It states, “The Becoming a Threat movement promotes liberation, passion, and social involvement in the community. Minorities are often time seen as threats in the eyes of the system. We’re not seen as individuals who can shape a system, educate young minds, and heal those who are in need. I want to change the connotation of the word threat and establish a positive idea of individuals who feel they aren’t on a leveled playing field.” The movement’s founder, Justin Alexander Hill, is on a mission to empower those who often neglected by society and help them realize their own potential and purpose in life.


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How to Attack the Room: 5 Networking Tips from Celebrity Assistant Darius Bradley

You hear so often that your worth is determined by your network. Is this completely true? That’s a question that has always been up for debate, but Heed recently spoke with someone who may have some insight.

Having left behind a $5,000 2nd-year tennis scholarship, Road Manager and Celebrity Assistant, Darius Bradley, who has worked with “Power” star Rotimi, Broadway Actress and Tony Nominee Saycon Sengbloh, and Gbenga Akinnagbe, got his start in the music industry 7 years ago, back at Hot 97 interning in the radio promotions department. He eventually landed internships with Warner Bros Records, Atlantic Records and Universal Attractions Booking Agency, using all those experiences he began to build his network from the ground up.


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Power Behind the Power: Darius Bradley

“Behind every celebrity there is an assistant”. Not a lot of people remember or give credit to the right hand man that plays a big part to the artist you may be a huge fan of. Just imagine what these celebrities go through on day-to-day bases, and then think about how much their personal assistants are linked to their workflow.

Darius Bradley, personal assistant and road manager from Chicago, assist clients like Saycon Sengbloh, who played on the Broadway show “Eclipsed,” Gbenga Akinnagbe who played on “The Wire,” and former celebrity client, whom Darius has worked with for five years, Rotimi who plays on the TV Show “Power.” Darius gave us a behind the scenes visual for what it is like to be in his shoes, and take on a career like his, and must I add being a personal assistant has a lot of perks to it.