Darius Bradley, is the CEO/Founder of Gatekeepers Agency. Darius is responsible for recruiting, staffing, and training aspiring assistants. With the vision of giving them a platform to thrive in a career driven industry. 

Darius is the former personal assistant/road manager to actor/singer Rotimi , also known as “Dre” from the hit show on STARZ network, Power. With nine years experience in the music industry, Darius has interned at HOT 97, Warner Brother Records, Atlantic Records and Universal Attraction.

After living and working  in New York for eight years, Darius has decided to take his talents to Atlanta where he now resides and calls Atlanta the HUB for Gatekeepers Agency.

Darius enjoys helping others get better at their craft and excelling with his contributions. After working with Rotimi for five years, Darius decided to start his own company where he could provide more opportunity for others and share his story.

Darius skills include strategizing, self branding, road managing, curating, negotiating and crisis management.